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Tear gas, or sometimes referred to as riot gas, is used to diffuse any commission and tension. The gas is not lethal in small dosages but may be dangerous when it is in high concentrations.

When shot into a structure, it’s common for this gas to be absorbed into the HVAC system, furniture, floor, and ceiling when it’s exposed to it. Getting rid of this gas or its effects may prove to be stubborn, especially if it’s your first time handling the task. Tear gas residues may continue to irritate your mucous membrane of those visiting the property if it’s not handled correctly.


How Does Tear Gas Cleanup Work?


You may continue to experience the effects of tear gas even after you have cleaned your home. If your property has been affected by tear gas, you are encouraged to contact a professional to assist you.

If you are exposed to this gas, there are several precautionary steps that you can take to reduce the severity of this gas. They include:


  • Wash your hands and face: the best way for you to mitigate the effects of this gas is by washing your hands.

    • Washing your face will help to eliminate the gas that is stuck in your eyes, which irritates the eyes. Contaminated hands may affect other areas of your body, and that’s why you must wash them.

  • Use a wet towel or piece of cloth as a mask: breathing under a cloud of tear gas is not easy. The gas is meant to choke you and weakens you.

    • If there is any gas in your house, you should soak a towel and use it as a mask. The water helps to filter the gas and allow you to breathe correctly.

    • It’s crucial to remember that inhaling too much gas may have devastating effects on your throat and lungs.

  • Open your windows and doors: the easiest way to get rid of the gas from your house is by giving it a clear path outside.

    • Avoid locking the doors as this will only allow the gas to accumulate in the house.


Handling tear gas cleaning is not an easy task. The only way for you to guarantee there is no gas left in your home is by hiring a professional tear gas cleanup company such as Steri-Clean.


Professional companies, like Steri-Clean Utah, are equipped with the right PPE, personal protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, and hazmat suits, to protect their workers. These professionals also know the areas where tear gas
may be trapped, and they are familiar with the methods that can help to eliminate
this gas.


Professional tear gas cleanup services are trained to know know which chemicals to use to safely eliminate the gas without causing any further harm to you or
your family.


Attempting to clean the tear gas in your home by yourself is not advised. There are different tear gases, and some of them are flammable. Little sparks or fire may light up this gas, which may end up causing more harm than good.


Once a room is exposed to tear gas, make sure you get rid and dispose of all porous materials such as carpets, furniture, and clothes. You should also switch
off the HVAC system to prevent the gas from contaminating other rooms and the HVAC system. Many times, all electronics have to be discarded too.  Make sure that water and food are covered and if they are exposed, you should not
consume them.


After you have secured the rooms and evacuated people, you should get in touch with a professional tear gas cleaning company.

We are an industry leading tear gas cleanup company that has been operating for many years; restoring many homes and lives. Our experience cleaning tear gas has allowed us to stand out from the rest in providing these services.

We help to detect and assess the damage caused by this gas. We also help to eliminate it and restore your home into a safe and habitable environment.


Get in touch with us for free consultation and advice. We are ready to help you.

Our national 24 hour is 1-888-577-7206

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