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While many of us consider our pets as part of the family, some people lose track of the waste these animals create. Some people will let their pets do their business in the house and they forget to clean it up, which causes problems for your home and the people and animals living in it. Aside from your pets, other animals can also leave their waste in and around your home, which also poses some issues.


If you’re looking for fast and professional animal waste cleanup, then Steri-Clean is the business for you! Since we first opened our doors in 1995, many people choose us for their animal waste cleaning needs. From pigeon waste, to dead and decaying animals and their waste, there’s no animal waste cleanup problem we can’t solve.


Our cleaning experts have decades of experience cleaning up all sorts of messes and we’re here to take the stress and worry away for good. Below you’ll find more information on the different types of animal waste out there, including how we’re the best cleanup company for the job.

Common Types of Animal Waste

From simple messes to extensive problems that take many resources to clean, animal waste is a part of life. However, it’s important to note that the longer the waste sits there, the more damage it can do to your health and the health of your home. Keep reading to find the common types of animal waste out there and how Steri-Clean can help.


Cat Urine Cleanup And Odor Removal

Given the horrendous odor and damage that can be done, cat urine can be a serious animal waste issue. Additionally, cats are very stealthy and some tend to rarely be seen by homeowners, which makes them more susceptible to leave their urine anywhere without being detected. That being said, sometimes weeks or months go by before someone notices the terrible smell or stain. By then, severe damage can be done to your flooring and foundation underneath. Also, it’s important to note that they are crystals in cat pee that make it very difficult and nearly impossible to clean. If not fixed quickly, the odor from cat pee can penetrate deep into the carpet of a home and into the subfloor below, which can lead to very expensive repairs. In fact, the wooden subfloors below the carpet might need to be replaced if the issue is bad enough.

Pet Feces Cleanup And Odor Removal Experts

Let's say you have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used by anyone. One day, your dog decides to venture into this room to do its business. Given how you barely ever enter this room, it may be weeks before you notice the issue. By then, your pet’s business might have seeped into the carpet, causing problems with your floor, not to mention the horrible odor. If you’re ever faced with this issue, Steri-Clean is here for you. With fast, effective, and affordable clean up solutions, we can make this mess a distant memory. Not only can these types of messes lead to disgusting odors in your home, but it can also cause expensive damage to your flooring. If you have pets, it’s recommended to always check all areas of your home to make sure no messes are left behind. Furthermore, be sure to check outdoor sheds, patios, and anywhere else where animals and their waste can hide.

Pigeon And Bird Droppings And Nesting Cleanup And Disinfection

Although pigeons can be annoying to listen to over and over again, their noises are the least of their problems. In fact, it’s their waste that can actually be deadly. Unlike other birds, pigeons tend to nest in safe, enclosed areas such as our homes, outdoor sheds, and business buildings. Also, unlike other birds, pigeons tend to be very messy, leaving nesting materials and waste everywhere. Many diseases, including Histoplasmosis, thrive in pigeon waste and this deadly disease can be contracted by simply breathing in the air around it. Attics are a great place for pigeons to nest, and if you are like most Utahns, you rarely spend time in this area, so you could very well be dealing with this issue. Protective gear is required to remove this deadly waste, so contact Steri-Clean today if you have a pigeon waste issue.

Steri-Clean Has the Cleaners You Need


From harmful pigeon waste to pet urine and feces, all of these types of animal waste can mean disaster for your home, not to mention the health effects involved. If you suspect you have an animal waste problem, never try to fix the issue yourself and give Steri-Clean Utah a call. We have trained professionals who use the appropriate gear to remove this animal waste for good; we are the animal waste cleanup professionals.


Call us today at 1-888-577-7206 to move past these issues and on with your life!

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