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The dangers of homeless encampments reach far beyond biohazard waste

We are an all-inclusive service that will deal with every hazard, and potential ones, on a homeless encampment so that the area is left clean as it was previously. Our cleaning services remove not only the trash, but your liability as well.  


Steri-Clean is cleaning more and more homeless encampments around the United States. This is due to the rising population of homeless in nearly every populous throughout the country. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are roughly 3,000 homeless in Utah on a given day, and the number only increases each year.  


Homeless encampments present many issues for the general public due to the variety of hazards that are potentially present. These range from biohazards, including human and animal waste, drugs and drug paraphernalia, and diseases which can be spread through the air or by direct contact.  


Steri-Clean offers homeless encampment cleanup throughout Utah to remove all trash, human and animal waste, drugs and related paraphernalia, and we also disinfect the areas after they are clean. It is our goal to work with cities and counties, as well as private business owners, who often deal with this situation to keep these areas as safe as possible for all.  

Biohazard and Trash Clean up


The number one reason Steri-Clean is called for homeless encampment cleanup is due to the known, or unknown, and potential biohazards present.  Steri-Clean technicians are highly trained in biohazard cleanup and know how to safely and efficiently clean up a scene. We also use the latest in safety gear, personal protection equipment, to keep our employees safe from potential dangers.  We take the liability off of city and county employees who may have not been properly trained nor do they have the experience or proper equipment Steri-Clean has. Our biohazard cleaning services at homeless encampments entail the following services:

Our homeless encampments cleanup services can respond to any location, abandoned buildings, freeway underpasses, city parks, trash enclosures, thick wooded areas, and more. We will remove all waste from the site no matter how large or small. Some customers will have us come to remove trash on a regular schedule so that it never becomes overwhelming.

The Human Element


While working with cities, counties, and private business to clean up a homeless encampment, Steri-Clean remembers that we are dealing with human beings and their belongings.  It can be difficult to discard everything another human being owns – so we do our best to communicate with all parties throughout the process. We post signs stating when the clean up will take place and then while cleaning, we take special care to look for money or other valuables that we can turn over to authorities to be claimed.  Our goal is to not cause further trauma by cleaning up a homeless encampment as many people are homeless due to the loss of a job, a death of a friend or family member, addiction, or other bad decisions.

Whether you are a city or county employee or a business owner looking to clean up a homeless encampment, we’re just a phone call away. Steri-Clean is here for you. We have perfected many systems and processes so we can safely, efficiently, and humanely provide homeless encampment clean up services throughout the state and country. Let us put our vast training and experience to work for you.


Call us for our expert homeless encampment services 7 days a week at (888) 577-7206.


Our national headquarters has live customer service center staffing available 12 hours a day for non-emergency calls, and 24 hours a day for emergency calls. We are here to help.

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