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Cigarette Smoke Removal – Cars and Vehicles

Millions of cars are sold every year in the United States, and many of those are affected by some type of smoke odor.  Whether it be cigarette, vape, cigar, pipe, or other smoke odor, the smell is one that many people simply don’t like. Buyers will often not purchase a vehicle due to the odor or they will get much better pricing due to the odor.  Smoke odor isn’t something that should stop you from purchasing the car that took you hours to find, Steri-Clean is here to help.

Steri Clean technicians are trained to remove smoke odor from any vehicle, no matter how strong the smoke smell is.  We have a simple, three stage process, that will eliminate or greatly reduce the odor from any vehicle.

  • First, the entire car is given a light detail to remove any obvious sources of the odor.

  • Second, we spray a proprietary solution throughout the entire vehicle, on every surface, that essentially serves as an odor eater.

  • Finally, we perform a gas treatment inside the vehicle that treats the air inside the car and gets into all the nooks and crannies inside the vehicle that are difficult to reach.


Call us today for a free estimate over the phone and for more details on our automobile odor removal services.  This service is also 100% guaranteed the day of the service. If you can still smell smoke after our service, we can repeat the service or give you your money back.


Also ask about our mobile services in which we will come to your home or workplace and perform this 90-minute service at your convenience.


Cigarette Smoke Removal – Residential

Steri-Clean technicians can also remove similar odors from your home.  Did you know that a home with a smoke odor sells for nearly 29% less than a smoke free home? With the average home worth $340,000 in Utah, that could cost you nearly $100,000.  We can remove these odors from your home in as little as one day and put that money back in your pocket.

Walls can be stained with tar, which appears yellow on white walls. It may be hard to even notice the staining over time, but when you remove photos or other objects from the walls, you will see the unaffected surface underneath, and the brilliant color that once existed.  The experts at Steri-Clean can dramatically reduce this yellowing and the smoke odor that is present.

Cigarette Smoke Removal – Commercial


Are you a property manager or owner that has a smoke odor problem?  We can help! Steri-Clean can remove difficult smoke odors from motels, hotels, and apartments so that they can be rented out again. Property managers and owners have come to trust and love our quick turn around time and quality of service.  We have even converted entire sections of hotels from smoking rooms to non-smoking rooms with 100% success – we can do the same for you!

Decompositions, Animals, and More


Decompositions or unattended deaths require an ozone generator to remove the organic odor.  After the source of the odor has been removed, ozone generators are placed into the area to destroy the odor molecule and airborne bacteria.  Ozone efficiently destroys odor from furniture, clothing, or other items that are in the room with the machine. Pet urine is a strong smell and can penetrate deep into flooring surfaces.  Specialized equipment is used to remove this odor deep into the surface it may be in. Whatever the odor may be, our trusted process works by destroying the odor molecules. We don’t mask the smell or cover it up.

When you need a tough odor removed, we’re just a phone call away. Steri-Clean is here for you. We have perfected the system to truly destroy the odor and not just cover it up so that is can return another day; we are the odor removal experts. Let us put our vast training and experience to work for you.  


Contact us today. We are here to help.

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