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Our technicians are specially trained in a variety of cleaning settings, including pest clean up. We hold safety in the highest regard.


Our cleaning process is accomplished in three steps:

  1. Use EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant solution to safely clean and remove droppings including the use of a HEPA vacuum.  Every hard surface is cleaned and all porous materials that cannot be cleaned are removed and discarded.

  2. Apply a disinfectant to the area, assuring any possible lingering contaminant or odor.

  3. Remove odor using our own odor removal process.


Wildlife, rodents, or any unwanted, uninvited that find their way into our home can leave unwanted, unsafe material behind them. The technicians at Steri-Clean won’t stop until your home office, or another facility is free from the unsanitary effects of rodents, pests, and other wildlife as well as tackle the odor left behind.


If Pests are in Your Home or Office


All types of pests enter a home or other structure for three reasons: Food, water, and harborage. When they set their sites on your home or office, that is what they are seeking.


A mouse can fit through a crack that is the size of a dime.


The first thing to tackle is eliminating any access to your home.  Roaches can flatten their bodies to about the thickness of a sheet of paper. Squirrels have been known to actually break into an attic in order to have their babies. The point is, if you restrict access, you have accomplished a large portion of your pest management battle.


You should also wipe down your counters and pick up pet food and water. Don’t leave any type of food out overnight. That is like a beacon to household pests.


If you have recently had an infestation and would like help with the sanitation portion as well as pest clean up. We’re fast, affordable, and professional. Contact us today and let’s get started getting your life back in order.


Infested. Just the word is enough to send a chill down your spine. When household pests, rodents, and wildlife find their way into your home, the results can be devastating. It’s also embarrassing and very unhealthy.


Even when the pests are long gone, the droppings, urine, and mess they leave behind will remain if it isn’t cleaned thoroughly. If it isn’t, it can cause health problems, be the source of terrible odors in your home, and even attract other pests into your home.


The problem is, regular cleaning methods are usually inadequate. They do not provide the deep-down clean that a professional service does.


If you are dealing with a pest cleanup, you need an expert. You need Steri-Clean Utah.


Types of Pest Clean Up


Many people don’t realize just how messy household pests and wildlife can be in a home.


For instance, German cockroaches leave behind carcasses, feces, and egg sacks. Rats and mice leave droppings everywhere they go. What’s more, a mouse releases around 1,000 drops of urine a day. It uses them to create a “breadcrumb trail” of sorts so it can find its way back to a food source.


This means that when the mouse is crawling around your cabinets, it is releasing those urine drops over everything - including your food.


Raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife can get into homes and make a nest in the attic or basement, even in the walls. They leave urine and feces all over in your home and their nests can be very difficult to clean up.


Plus, once they have “marked” their territory - YOUR home - they will come back. Unless you completely eliminate the material that is causing the odor, you will continue to have your
pest problem.


Sanitation is one of the worst parts because the waste products of many household pests and wildlife can be linked to various illnesses and medical conditions.


Household Pests are a Health Hazard


Many people don’t like rats or mice, even roaches, but don’t do too much about it if they see one scurry across the floor. The problem is, if you see one mouse, rat, or roach in your home, the chances are very good that there are more that you can’t see.


Eventually, they will take over and you will have an infestation.

Some of the health hazards associated with household pests and wildlife include:

  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome; particularly worrisome in Utah

  • Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

  • Leptospirosis

  • Salmonellosis

  • Rat bite fever

  • Rabies

  • Histoplasmosis

The feces can also exacerbate existing health problems like asthma. The waste products of roaches are well known to do this.


Roaches are known vectors of disease and can carry viral as well as bacterial infections - and give them to you.


Cutting Edge Technology for Your Peace of Mind


Pest cleanup requires special equipment that is designed to accomplish the very difficult task of deep cleaning and sanitation. It is difficult to thoroughly clean droppings and urine. A regular household vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner is not adequate.


Effective cleanup requires a very special skill set that includes sanitation. Our technicians
are trained in pest cleanup as well as in the operation of the equipment that is required
for this task.


Call us now so we can help get your home, business, or other area cleaned and safe again.

Our national 24 hour nationwide telephone number is 1-888-577-7206.

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