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When dealing with blood cleanup, you need a professional. Steri-Clean® Utah is the industry leader in blood cleanup.

First responders, police, EMTs, and coroners do not clean up blood spills and biohazard situations at crime scenes or accidents.

Many people don't realize this. When everyone has gone and they are left standing in the scene left almost as they found it, the stark reality sets in. Suddenly the task of cleaning up is hanging heavily upon them, compounding their grief, pain, and shock.

But blood spills don't always come out of horrific, painful situations. Home births are also a common source of blood spills. Most of the time the midwife has helped to prep the area so that all fluids are contained, but things happen, and spills occur.

Midwives don't do blood cleanup either.


Blood spills are biohazard spills. Cleaning up blood is not as simple as wiping down your counters with a household disinfectant or common bleach. There's a lot more that is required.

In order for blood cleanup to be done safely and thoroughly, you need to hire a company that does just that.

You need to call Steri-Clean Utah.

What Happens When There is a Blood Spill?

There are a number of reasons why a blood spill may occur. A workplace accident, home accident, homicide, home birth, pet injuries, suicide, amputation, trauma, and death scene are some of the many reasons you may need cleanup for a blood spill.

Blood is a liquid, so it does not stay put where it is spilled - it travels. It seeps into cracks and crevices, it permeates porous surfaces, and if the right cleaning treatment is not used, it can even remain when no blood is visible.

If the blood is contaminated with a pathogen, it can spread to others in the area, even those who are trying to clean it up. This means that not only do you need special cleaners and disinfectants to clean a blood spill, you also need special safety gear and equipment.


Blood begins to clot in about two minutes and the longer it sits, the thicker it gets and the more difficult it is to clean. It will thicken and eventually dry, sometimes bonding to more porous material.

In other words, blood becomes increasingly difficult to clean in a fairly short period of time. The longer it sits, the harder it is to clean.

A blood cleanup company like Steri-Clean has the special equipment and products necessary to clean a blood spill safely and easily. They can avoid contamination and even clean blood that has been sitting for several hours.

Why You Need a Local Utah Professional Blood Cleanup
Company for Blood Spills

Each state has laws that govern how medical waste, or biohazard waste, is disposed of and handled. This is because of the high potential for contamination that blood and body fluids present.

There are several diseases, some deadly, that can be found in contaminated blood. HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis are a few of the more serious medical conditions that can be transmitted through blood and blood products.

Because of the dangers and risks that blood presents, it is necessary to hire a blood cleanup company like Steri-Clean. We have the products and equipment to effectively and safely clean even the toughest blood spill.

At Steri-Clean Utah We are Experts in Blood Cleanup

A blood spill can occur anywhere: at home, at work, on a property you own, at your business, in your vehicle, on the street, on the sidewalk, by the pool - literally anywhere.

Cleaning a blood spill isn't easy. There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure safety and avoid contamination. Special equipment and products are necessary in order to clean the area effectively.

We are available 24/7 and when you call, we will respond right away. We'll arrive in an unmarked vehicle and manage the situation with sensitivity and professionalism.

Our technicians have undergone special training to handle blood spills, containment, and disposal. They will work to ensure that your space is clean and safe for you and your family.

We approach every situation with a focus on safety and a commitment to exceptional service. Since each spill is different, we evaluate them on a case by case basis, beginning with disinfecting the area using an FDA approved hospital grade solution that is not accessible by the general public.

Next, we use special equipment to deep clean all the hard surfaces. We will dispose of any items that cannot be salvaged and disinfect all viable areas. We then finish with odor removal so that your space is clean and healthy.

Cleaning a Blood Spill


You should always approach a blood spill with the expectation that it is contaminated with a bloodborne pathogen.

That is the first and most important step in managing any type of blood spill.

It is not advisable for a person who is not properly trained or who does not have the right equipment and products to attempt to clean a blood spill.

However, if you must handle a blood spill cleanup, even if it is just to move something to contain the area, it is vital that you wear disposable gloves. Avoid tracking the blood outside of the containment area, and wear protective gear (eyewear, overall, booties, etc.) to protect yourself.

When you need professional blood cleanup, call the experts at Steri-Clean. We are fast, professional, and discreet. Call today and talk to one of our knowledgeable, friendly representatives and see how we can help you.

Our national 24 hour telephone number is 1-888-577-7206

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