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When dealing with crime scene clean up, you need a professional.
Steri-Clean® is the industry leader in crime scene clean up.

Experiencing a crime in your home, place of business, or vehicle is a very emotionally charged event. Even after the original threat is gone, the crime scene clean up is extremely stressful, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and distraught.

If crime has touched your life and you are left to deal with the after effects, you need to focus on your own healing, not on the tedious task of sanitation and cleaning. This is not something you should have to go through on your own - and you don’t have to.


Elements of a Crime Scene


There are many types of crime scenes. Although blood spills are typically what most people think of when they think of crime scene clean up, most of the sub-segments don’t even involve blood.

Some of the elements of a crime scene that do not involve blood include:

  • Toxic irritants like teargas

  • Non-blood borne organics

  • Disease vectors

  • Investigative material like fingerprint dust

Bodily fluids can contain harmful bacteria and transmittable diseases. This means that simply cleaning away the substance is not enough. The area must be sanitized.


The Dangers of Biohazards


Body fluids can contain harmful pathogens. When left at a crime scene they could expose you to diseases like HIV and hepatitis. They may be left behind accidentally, like a burglar getting cut by glass after breaking a window. They can also be left purposely such as a vandal urinating on furniture in an effort to damage it. Either way, they can lead to exposure to pathogens that could even be deadly.

What’s more, the substances that the police use in their investigation can contain harsh,

harmful chemicals. All this can leave your home, office, or car in a less then healthy or safe state.

Some of the most common biohazards on crime scenes include:

  • Blood

  • Saliva

  • Feces

  • Urine

  • Vaginal secretion

  • Semen

Soap and water won’t remove the blood or body fluid and any pathogens they potentially carry. Cleaning a crime scene requires special equipment and very specific cleaning substances to sanitize the area and remove the pathogens.

The professionals at Steri-Clean Utah will come to the scene and remove all biohazards so that your property is safe for you, your family, friends, employees, even pets. We remove the risks of contamination and infection so that you can return to your space and live your life worry free.


Crime Scene Cleanup - State of the Art Equipment


The equipment needed to clean a crime scene is not what you would typically find in a home or even an apartments maintenance facility. The equipment used is unique and highly specialized to serve this particular purpose.


Clean up also requires a certain degree of skill and training. Our technicians are trained in blood-borne pathogens safety and the operation of our state-of-the-art equipment that is specially calibrated to safely treat contaminated areas.


They begin by using disinfecting solutions that are EPA registered hospital grade, not available to the general public. These solutions remove all traces of body fluids, and blood as well as the chemicals that the police used. We maintain safety as a priority as we use all the latest safety gear and highly specialized equipment while we clean and restore your property.

Once the police have completed their investigation and release the scene, we come in and begin our work using a three-step process. First, our technicians clean every hard surface or remove porous surfaces that can't be cleaned. We properly dispose of biohazard, and materials contaminated with biohazard, with a certified biohazard disposal company. Second, we apply disinfectant to the area to remove any pathogens that may be present. Third, we perform an odor removal process to remove any odor leftover from the scene.


Approaching a Crime Scene


If you find yourself to be the first person on the scene of a violent crime such as a homicide, assault, armed robbery, or mass fatality, there are certain steps that you should take to stay safe and preserve the crime scene.

  • Do not enter the house or building.

  • Call 911 and wait outside until the police get there

  • Do not move or touch anything in the immediate area, inside or outside

  • Do not try to search the building, even if it is your home or car

  • If someone is injured you can help them, but try to avoid touching or disturbing anything within the crime scene

  • Do not try to clean up the area, especially if there is blood, bodily fluids, or other biohazards on the scene

  • Contact the crime scene clean up experts at Steri-Clean Utah

When you need crime scene clean up we’re just a phone call away. Steri-Clean Utah is here for you 24/7. We can work with your homeowner’s insurance policy, as they often assist in such cases. You may also qualify for assistance through the State of Utah's Crime Victim Reparations Fund. Let us put our vast training and experience to work for you. We understand that these situations are traumatic and will work with you to help you overcome them, even referring you to counselors who can help you work through your pain, anger, and fear.


Let us help you start rebuilding your life after the traumatic event. Cleaning your property is a good start. Contact us today. We’re here to help.

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