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Alive In An Embalming Room

Steri-Clean Utah recently attended the Utah Funeral Directions annual conference. This was a great event in which we would rub shoulders with many funeral directors across the state of Utah. Many of their speakers were excellent and focused on the same essential element that Steri-Clean focuses on, the human element. We always remember family members, neighbors, and other loved ones that are dealing with a trauma and try to provide assistance for them too.

A few days after this event, we received a call from a funeral home in the Salt Lake City area. This funeral home requested that we clean and disinfect their embalming room. They were considering it anyway as a part of their spring cleaning, but they also recently had an individual in there who passed away from Creutzfeldt-Jakob's Disease, a rare and degenerate brain disease, so they really wanted the area disinfected.

This was an interesting experience for us as it is something we have never done before. We have included a before and after picture below so you can have a sneak peak inside such a room. We cleaned and disinfected every surface in the room and were told that it never looked so good - they plan to have us come back every year from now on. We love helping in every situation!

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